What To Do When You Are Diabetic But Have A Sweet Tooth?

Diabetes is a condition that happens if your blood sugar is higher than required. Blood sugar is the principal source of energy in the human body, which enters the body through fat consumption. Sometimes, the body does not make insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas), then the glucose remains in the blood and does not reach the cells properly.

Diabetes diet must focus on healthy and nourishing foods. However, do not be too hard on yourself and let your body have a precise quantity of treats without disturbing your blood sugar levels.

Initially, honey, sweets, or other desserts/sweet meals were considered the disputant of blood sugar levels, whereas starchy food and vegetables were considered healthy, but studies proved it incorrect as consumption of an adequate amount of desserts is understandable with a balanced diet. The complete volume of carbohydrates is what matters in the end.

Diabetes does not mean ‘no sweet’ intake at all. When you are craving or having a sweet tooth, an occasional treat in your meal is reasonable. Moderate your favorite sweet and enjoy without worrying about the blood sugar levels.

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There are the following alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth when you have diabetes –


Fruits are one of the healthiest substitutes for sweet cravings as they are not only delicious but may help you meet your sweet tooth and has no-to-very few carbs. Fruits are the best way to deal with your cravings as it contains fiber which takes longer to digest and keeps you full for longer that may help you balance the blood sugar level.

In addition, do not get overwhelmed with the serving size of any fruit and check the sugar content before eating. If you are eating raw fruits then you need not have to worry, but if you are making something out of the fruits like for instance, a smoothie, then avoid adding additional sweeteners or sugar at all. 

Also, keep your hands in check with raisins or any such dry fruit as well. Freeze fruits, cherries, or berries to snack on for a tasty and healthy treat. Fruit purees, jellies, jams, and flavorings with no sugars, may satisfy your sweet craving within the first few bites.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is a wholesome snack that contains protein, is packed with calcium, and with a lot of healthy properties. Some suggest that yogurt has the ability to perfectly improve appetite, digestion, and control hunger cravings.

Diabetic people may have sugar-free greek yogurt without feeling guilty about it, as it holds double protein and half carbohydrates compared to regular yogurt. It is the best way to make peace with your sweet tooth without affecting your blood sugar levels.

In addition, studies found that people who eat greek yogurt once a day, preferably in the afternoon, were seen to have less desired cravings and gradually lose weight. The unsweetened high-protein yogurt is the most recommended one for diabetic people, as it has further benefits.

Sugar-free foods

Sugar substitutes do not affect your blood sugar level to that extent. Synthetic sweeteners are deemed as free foods, as they contain fewer calories. It is believed that food with low sugar is a healthier alternative than sweets made with usual sugar. It would not spike blood sugar significantly.

However, some healthcare specialists do not recommend eating lots of sugar-free meals. The reason could be the restriction to refined sweets, which are made with sugar-free essences that contain processed flours and fiber, which is not great for diabetes.

Also, refined sweets generate the craving for more. Sugar-free sweets may yet include carbohydrates, so pay attention to the serving size and strictly avoid sugar-free food with trans fat. 

Dark chocolates 

Dark chocolates are supposed to be the best desserts for diabetic people. Dark chocolate in a moderate serving size can have notable health benefits, including controlled blood sugar levels. Flavonol in dark chocolates maintains control of blood glucose. 

Nonetheless, maximum chocolates are rich in sugar than flavanol. Avoid chocolates with added sugar and choose the ones with higher flavonol levels. Stricly, avoid milk chocolates in general, as they are loaded with sugar.

The Bottom Line

A healthier quantity of sweets could make space in your well-balanced meal, also for diabetic people but with anticipations. You may have to control your glucose and calorie intake. Sweet tooth is normal, but one must substitute their sweets with healthier versions for the same. Sugar-free food to a limit could help you deal with sweet cravings without intruding on your blood glucose levels. Similarly, fruits and Greek yogurt have the same impact.

Strictly do not cut sugar intake completely, as it would enhance the sweet desire/cravings. Plan a healthy dessert for yourself time-to-time consulting a healthcare provider for further guidance.

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