Steps To Remain Hydrated In This Heat Strokes

Summer is all about beaches, pools, and vacations. While having fun outside it is necessary to stay hydrated and healthy from the inside, Water is the most important data for this living life, 70% of the human body is made up of water, and it is an essential life-supporting element & responsible for primary bodily functions like regulating the body temperature, flushing out toxins, crying, lubrication of muscles, and many more things.

This summer where the temperature is rising day by day it is to stay well hydrated & to be safe from heat exhaustion or heat strokes. Dehydration is generally caused by heat exhaustion, It is nothing but a lack of enough water in your system, a few signs of dehydration are lack of sweat, dizziness, dry skin .. etc
When talking about Hydration, the question that pops up is, ‘Whether drinking water alone is enough?

Hydration is not only about water there is more to it, and that is what we will be discussing here.

Drinking-Water Is Not Enough to Eat It Too

Yes, What You read is right!.. 20% of our daily water intake is derived from water-rich food like cucumber, watermelon, grapes, pears, tomatoes, and radishes. These are few from the list of water-rich fruits & vegetables made up of 90% of water only.

Not All Beverages Hydrate

It is a myth that all beverages & drinks hydrate you. Drinks rich in sugar, caffeine-like tea coffee, lemonade, and sodas are all not your best choices for hydration. They are high in sugar, salt, and other substances that cause your tissues to lose water. Replace some of them on a regular basis or rehydrate with extra water after each dehydrating beverage.

Can’t Have Plain Water- Infuse It

Recently having infused water is in the trend as anything plain is too boring for the GenZ be it water! Infused water is nothing but adding a Few slices of cucumber, mint, lemon, or similar interesting ingredients to make the plain water interesting to have.
This practice often leads to you having more water than normal. Infused water is quite a trend these days to make things easier shopkeepers have come up with infused bottles to allow this water to be carried along with the busy life of the Genis

Can’t Eat Fruits – Make It A Smoothie

Don’t have time to have slices of fruits & veggies, not an issue just blend it all in a smoothie, add ice cubes to make it chill and provide you that extra hydration and also help in regulating the body temperature thus preventing heat strokes.

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Cold Showers

Cold Showers do not directly hydrate our body; they majorly help in regulating the body temperature. Excessive sweating leads to water loss from the body. Cold showers cool down the body temperature and relax our body muscles thus preventing water loss by sweating.

Coconut Water- Drinks Lots & Lots Of It

Coconut water is rich in potassium & electrolytes & does not contain any fat. In summers replenishing the body with electrolytes is always a good idea. Why rely on artificial or chemically compounded sources when we have the natural ones available in plenty. Always choose the natural coconut water because we don’t want an extra load of sugar within us while our focus is on hydration & not taste.

Check On Your Breakfast: Have Oatmeal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day if done right the entire day becomes a lot easier. Oats have a tendency to expand and it absorbs a lot of water, so having oats with a sprinkle of berries not only takes care of the nutritional aspect of the meal but also makes sure that you consume plenty of fluids.

Don’t Like Your Water Plain – Make It White

If you can’t have plain water try consuming more quantity of milk, maybe with the cereals or alone. Milk is not only 90 percent water but it has proteins, calcium, fat, and sugars, making it a complete drink for hydration. Researchers have found that milk is a better source of hydration than a sports drink. If you’re active or have children who play outside, consider adding milk to the list of hydrating fluids to keep everyone happy, hydrated, and healthy.

Keep A Check On The Signs!

Suddenly experiencing dry, itchy sensitive skin? Having Dizziness, frequent headaches, or maybe early signs of dehydration, keep a check on all this & stay hydrated.

Lastly, Drink Ounces Of Water!

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The best way to stay hydrated is still water and have it in periodic intervals. This habit can be easily incorporated into our daily lives if we make it a ritual to carry our own water bottles wherever we go.

If you don’t wish to drink water you can always sip it in the form of smoothies, or eat it as fruits or veggies. Sip It or Eat It. What is important is to Stay Fresh Stay Hydrated this summer to maintain the water level in the body. For more details visit healthscript.

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