Omicron: All The Relevant FAQs

  1. How concerned should I be with the newly found Covid-19 variant?

    We should simply take covid norms seriously as WHO reported that the Omicron variant is VOC-based on the practical mutations, whereas the early data predicts risen contagiousness and immune dodging. Also, Who stated this new variant as the variant of concern.
  1. Can Omicron bring the third covid wave to India?

    Hopefully not because the Indian government has been scrutinizing the crisis and is allocating appropriate norms to avoid the collapse. However, we as people have the most crucial responsibility to obey the before stated guidelines and help the government by not further spreading the virus.
  1. What medical test may detect Omicron? 

    The most trusted method, for now, has to be the RT-PCR method. RT-PCR method sees precise genes including Spike, Nucleocapsid, and Enveloped to ensure that the very person is infected with the variant or not. Regardless, in Omicron, the Spike gene is diligently mutated, so by that, the omicron is detected in the infected case other than the RT-PCR.
  1. What are the visible symptoms of the new variant Omicron?

    Early data suggests that fewer people have reported fever than any other symptom. There are some rare symptoms including body pain, exhaustion, fatigue, and mild discomfort as stated by Dr. S Swaminathan.
  1. The existing covid vaccines would work against the Omicron variant? 

    Well, there is no such information about the vaccinations yet, a lot more research is needed to know whether the vaccines work against the newly added covid variant or not, however, it has been observed that the intensity of the virus drops down to a mild level on people who are fully vaccinated than others. The vaccines are anticipated to work be it any sort of variant.
  1. What precautions one must take to avoid the outbreak?

    The precautions are not something you have not been doing for the past two years, but this time you should be much more cautious as this variant is said to be extensively transmissible. It is vital to wear a mask as soon as you go out or even somebody comes from outside, take proper vaccines and avoid the crowd at all costs. Also, social distancing is an essential norm one can take to avoid the spread of the variant of concern.

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