Is What You Believe About The Vaccine Actually True? / Busting Myths About The COVID-19 Vaccination.

The internet is bustling with different opinions and perspectives on Covid 19 and its vaccination. Amidst this, one might find it hard to decide what to believe and find dependable facts. Information filtration and verification of facts become indispensable in this situation.

Before completely trusting any piece of information on Covid19 vaccination, consider this list of myths and facts. Let us begin addressing covid vaccine concerns.

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I don’t need a vaccination if I’ve previously contracted COVID-19.

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If you have had Covid doesn’t mean you will not catch the virus again. A re-infection is always possible. Experts suggest you still get vaccinated to avoid any severe health risks associated with Covid 19.

The reason this myth is popular is that people expect there will be a natural immunity developed once they recover from Covid 19. Now that is true, however, studies show that this immunity doesn’t last very long. Further, people who were previously infected have been vaccinated without any side effects. Hence, it is not only advisable but even safe to get vaccinated post recovering from Covid.

The COVID-19 vaccine was developed in a hurry thus there is no guarantee of its efficacy and safety.

It is scientifically proven and backed with research that Covisheild has an efficacy rate of 70% scalable to 91%. Similarly, Covaxine has 78%, Sputnik V 78.6% to 83.7%, and Moderna 91% efficacy as shown in trials. (resource:

The vaccines were developed so quickly owing to their urgent demand. Further, the method used in developing these vaccines are well known and trusted. The vaccine projects had ample resources provided by the governments, and no stage of testing was skipped anywhere in the process.

I may cease wearing my mask and following coronavirus precautions now that I’ve received the COVID-19 vaccination.

Fully vaccinated or not, you are recommended to wear masks and follow the coronavirus precautionary regulations. The current government guidelines have not been changed and a mask and recommended social distancing are must until further notice.

Now, what can you expect from the Covid vaccine? Being fully vaccinated lends you protection from any fatal effects of coronavirus. However, no vaccine offers 100% protection from any infection.

The rate is lowered, but one can still transmit the virus to those with weaker immunity. Hence, practicing the guidelines is always recommended.

If I get the COVID-19 vaccination, I’m more likely to get sick in other ways.

There is no evidence to support the claim that taking the vaccination increases your chances of contracting another virus like the flu.

I am at risk of getting Covid-19 from the vaccine itself.

This is one of the most common misconceptions. The fact is that COVID-19 cannot and will not be transmitted by the COVID-19 vaccination. The question here is, how does the vaccine work then? The two approved vaccines tell your cells to make a protein that’s part of the coronavirus, which aids your body in recognizing and fighting the virus if it appears. You cannot get COVID-19 from the COVID-19 vaccination since it does not contain the virus. The protein that aids your immune system in recognizing and fighting the virus is not infectious.

Covid vaccines cause serious side effects.

Claims of vaccinations causing side effects like blood clotting and organ failures are baseless prevalent myths.

Side effects including muscle pain, chills, and headaches have been reported. These symptoms are normal indicate that the vaccination has elicited an immunological response in the body and is acting properly.

However, allergic responses can be induced by the chemicals present in vaccinations, even though they are uncommon. For safety concerns, anybody with a history of severe allergic responses, such as anaphylaxis, should let their doctor know.

Vaccination causes infertility and men and women.

Another widely held belief is that the Covid-19 vaccine will leave a person sterile. Covid vaccinations, according to certain online articles and blogs, induce the breakdown of placenta proteins in women, rendering them infertile. Men’s reproductive health has been subjected to similar false accusations.

The truth is that no covid vaccines affect the reproductive health of a person in any way.

Would receiving a COVID-19 vaccination result in my testing positive for COVID-19 on a viral test?

None of the covid vaccines contain the coronavirus, dead or alive. They have a protein imitating the structure of the virus. Hence, it is impossible to get a test positive with Covid due to vaccination.

When your body develops antibodies for the coronavirus as expected, you will test positive on the antibody test. This does not mean you are infected.


Will I die within two years of getting the Covid Vaccination?

This is a piece of fake news that was spread when a tweet went viral.

PIB Fact Check and others have disregarded this claim and suggested that the vaccination is completely safe. The Nobel laureate whose statement was misrepresented never claimed that anyone getting vaccinated will die within two years.

So, is it safe to take the covid vaccine? It is!


Vaccine Shedding

To be able to shed (or transmit) a virus, one needs to have the live SARS-CoV2 in their body. Does the covid vaccine contain the virus? No, the vaccines are nothing but meager blueprints of the spike proteins. The spike proteins without remaining of the virus are not enough to infect a person or be transmitted. It only serves the purpose of helping the body’s immune system to prepare itself for anything that resembles the spike protein, and thus prevent or reduce the severity of infection lest one ever gets exposed in the future to the live virus. (Source – 

We have tried to bust a few myths here. The list goes on and on about misinformation that is being heavily circulated. Check your facts before believing anything and stay safe.

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