Is it true that Unvaccinated people increase the risk of COVID-19, Even among the vaccinated people

First thing first it is important to get vaccinated and get both the shots of the vaccine along with the booster doses once eligible for it. People who are still not vaccinated are putting themselves in life and death danger and also placing the vaccinated people in a fix by mixing with them. Researchers claim that unvaccinated people increase the risk of health complications due to covid -19 infection when they mix with vaccinated people.
Experts suggest that vaccinated people should make it a habit tower mask while going to public places to take that extra safety step.

What Happens When Vaccinated People Are Mixed With Unvaccinated Ones?

When unvaccinated people are mingled with unvaccinated people and establish close contact with each other, an enormous number of new infections are found in vaccinated people even when the immunization rate is high. These outcomes did not change in the case of mixing unvaccinated people with those who have received booster shots as well. These outcomes can be a base for the study of the future variants or the behavior of the new variants.

Generally, Unvaccinated people are always at a higher risk of infection when compared to the vaccinated ones but studies showed that when unvaccinated people mixed with vaccinated people, unvaccinated ones were at a lower risk as the vaccinated people suffered as a result of ‘buffer’, like not being fully cured of one virus and catching new infections while still on the recovery process.
So the decision to get vaccinated cannot be limited to personal decision boundaries in case of communicable diseases like this. Our health also relies on the health action of the public and our decisions have implications for the safety of others.

After these findings, doctors and researchers have urged the government authorities to initiate strict policies for vaccination and take other legal actions to limit access of unvaccinated people to public places.

Reaction To The Findings

People over the world have agreed to the fact that vaccination is not a personal decision as unvaccinated people become more efficient transmitters raising alarming health complications. It is also an agreed fact that the virus can affect both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated ones but based on this logic vaccinations cannot be denied as unvaccinated people can drive breakthrough infections among the vaccinated ones.

Can Mask Make A Difference?

Before asking the question, can a mask make a difference? Ask yourself questions like- How old am I? What are the symptoms I’m suffering from? Do I have pre-existing medical conditions – heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes? If to any of these questions you have answered any ‘yes’ then it is a wise decision to put a mask on. As we all know, ’Prevention is better than cure.

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Are Strict Mandates Needed To Abstain Unvaccinated Ones?

The earlier mandates of wearing masks and social distancing had an impeccable result in breaking the chain of the Covid -19 spread but for the present scenario where more than 95% of the population is vaccinated the mask mandates alone don’t make much sense. The effectiveness of mask mandates depends on various factors like the quality of the mask used, how the mask is used, etc. If in any particular area people are wearing the quality N-95 masks in the correct way they can reduce the risk of respiratory problems and also prevent themselves from inhaling the affected breath of the unvaccinated ones.
But presently where the ratio of vaccinated people is high it is much more practical and sensible to impose rules on the unvaccinated people. Rules like obstructing travel within the state, outside the state, or the country without vaccination certificates, wearing of masks in hospitals around immunocompromised patients, penalty on no vaccination within a specified time duration, restrictions on purchase on daily necessities items without producing the vaccination certificates, can be imposed.

Can A New Wave Arise?

This question is something that cannot be answered in a clear black or white. It is where the grey matter arises, after the experience of the last two years it is rightful to say that people should follow the mask and other covid related mandates more strictly when the rate of transmission is high to reduce it and if the transmission is at a low rate we can relax those measures and get back to normal living.

Lastly, Risk among unvaccinated people is not just self – regarding, in other words, the decision of not taking the vaccination doesn’t affect the individual only but also the responsible ones who have chosen to be vaccinated so their safety and justice should be considered. So every citizen must act responsibly towards their nation and get vaccinated at the earliest.

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