Is Booster Dose Necessary To Take For Older One

The Covid-19 cases are rising again in India & all over the world when people have just got back to their offices, and workplaces and started a normal life, In such a situation the booster or the precaution dose is our only hope. Booster shots are nothing but the additional shots given after the efficiency or the protection of the original shots has decreased with time. The booster shots help maintain strong immunity from coronavirus. With new covid variants being found and cases continuing to surge the booster doses have given us a sense of relief. In India, the booster doses were started by the government on 10th January 2022, which is said to be first made available to frontline workers, army people, and adults over or at 60 years of age.

As per the updated guidelines issued by the health authorities the booster dose can only be given after the completion of 9 weeks from the date of the second jab of the Covid-19 vaccine. It is not advised to mix between the vaccine shots and the booster shots, that is for instance if you have taken jabs of Covishield vaccine you can take booster shots of Covirshield only.

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You have to be very observant after the booster shots to see the occurrence of any side effects apart from general fever, headache, or swelling around the muscles at the point of injection, if any other symptoms are seen and it stays for more than a week it should be reported accordingly to the doctor.

What Are Covid Booster Shots?

To state in very simple terms it is nothing but one more shot of the covid vaccine itself. A booster dose is generally given in cases of diseases where the immunity lowers with time. In the case of coronavirus, the first shot of the vaccine preps the body for the virus at the time of the second shot the cells memorize the virus and produce antibodies helping in better defense against the virus. When these memory cells are strengthened with a Covid booster shot they tend to produce antibodies against the virus more immensely, inducing a more sturdy immune response. The antibodies released after the booster dose will have a more affinitative maturation and have a greater potency as compared to the former ones.

Is Covid Booster Shot Necessary?

There have been speculations & questions around the necessity or efficiency of covid booster shots from the very start, this is nothing new similar was the case with the covid vaccine when newly introduced. People take time to adapt to changes. It is a proven fact. Besides, when the number of cases is constantly spiking, any rational mind will agree that this is the most optimal step to be undertaken. Booster shots are necessary for all individuals irrespective of their age. Although keeping in mind the population demand and the production ratio, the government has issued guidelines to provide booster shots firstly to the frontline workers, army people, and people of or 60 years of age
Along with booster doses, the government of India has also provided vaccines for children aged 15 years and above from the 3rd of January, 2022.

The question over the necessity of covid booster dose cropped up from the time vaccinations started. Many countries have given the booster dose to specified age groups of their population long back. As there were guidelines issued by the health authorities that the booster day would be given to patients who have recently undergone organ transplant, or some major heart or lung surgery as they are supposed to have a compromised immune system as compared to other healthy old age people.
Studies have shown that although patients are vaccinated with the two shots of the covid vaccine they are more vulnerable to diseases and viruses because of their pre-existing health conditions.
The individuals to whom authorities recommended booster dose irrespective of their age, due to their health condition & compromised immune are-

  • Who is one an active treatment for blood-related issues
  • Who recently went through a stem cell transplant
  • Who went for an organ transplant or is in the post medication period after the transplant.
  • Who is suffering from genetic disorders compromising the immune system
  • Who is prescribed heavy steroids which reduce immunity?

Lastly, booster shots are important irrespective of the age whether you are young or old. In fact, for old age people, it is more necessary but in the case of senior citizens, it is advised to consult their doctors before the shots to avoid any complications and side effects except mere headache, fever, or muscle pain & swelling at the point of injection.
It is always said prevention is better than cure so prevent any unforeseen circumstances and go get the shot as soon as you fall into the eligibility bracket that is 9 months should have passed after the second shot of the primary vaccination series.

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