How To Induce Labour Naturally

Women are blessed with the most spine-chilling responsibility one could ask. During the edge of pregnancy, people may get tired and may feel that urge to meet their child as soon as possible with this in mind some may seek methods to induce labor naturally. People start panicking as time passes and may feel uncomfortable at the same time if the due date has surpassed. People start to query about inducing labor on their own. You may have heard claims that you can induce labor naturally by eating pineapple or spicy food. However, eating spicy food may cause gastric conditions/acidity, which is not pleasant at all when you are heavily pregnant.

The following methods in order to induce labor have diverse thoughts from the healthcare perspective. 

Nipple stimulation

Induce Labout Naturally | Health Script
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Well-regulated nipple stimulation is known for the potential to induce labor in prepared pregnant bodies with balanced hormones to give birth eventually. Gentle massaging of the nipples may help in the secretion of oxytocin (a hormone also known as the love hormone), which urges contractions. Oxytocin serves in childbirth as well as in breastfeeding.

In addition, it is hard to gauge the effectiveness because people do breast stimulation when it is almost time, so it may be natural labor for some people, and may this works for others.

Nevertheless, Breast stimulation during pregnancy is not for people who have a complicated pregnancy or maybe at pre-labor risks. People with high blood pressure or chronic diabetes are strictly advised not to participate in any such activities as hormonal disbalance at that stage can cost two lives.

Sexual intercourse

The release of prostaglandins (a hormonal property found in male semen) can stimulate labor contractions. Having sex may induce labor as it is proven one of the most effective methods. 

However, It is ordinarily safe and harmless to have intercourse during pregnancy, but some healthcare specialists do not advise it as sex may lead to risky circumstances such as heavy bleeding. A Pregnant person must always consult a doctor concerning the methods of inducing labor as every human body is different and works differently.


Acupuncture may be a reliable and the most relaxing approach for inducing labor contractions. There are researches that have shreds of evidence of how acupuncture benefits pregnant women and has the potential to increase cervical maturity within a day.

Also, it may assist pregnant women with the pregnancy period of 40 weeks or less since it may be too late to induce labor through acupuncture after this time.

Wait for Your Body to Contract Labor Naturally

The best and the most healthy way of having a child would be through natural labor contractions. It comes as a sign that your body is ready to give birth meanwhile natural contractions have significantly fewer complexities. Induced people tend to take longer to recover than people who were not induced.

A child who was born with a full-term pregnancy and the mother did not need any inducing tend to have better muscle structure and strength, significantly lower risk of jaundice or any such infections. If you can then happily wait for your bundle of joy to come naturally to you without any external help in the form of induction.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned methods are effective but not every human body is alike so one must take extra precautions as it is a matter of two precious lives.

However, Natural does not mean healthy always as it may have some side effects, so it is best not to apply or eat anything that is not prescribed by your healthcare provider as quoted by Dr. Nigel Spier.



  • Do orgasms help in inducing labor?

    Yes, in some situations, orgasm can help in inducing labor, not directly but indirectly. High levels of oxytocin hormone release may trigger contractions.
  • How do I dilate faster naturally at home?

    Try relaxing your body as much as you can by meditating or trying effortless exercises, and watching something funny or laughing, in general, can help a person to dilate faster than usual as believed.
  • Can squats induce labor?

    Squats are great to equip for labor, but for inducing labor it is not it as the mother may lose all her energy in squatting.
  • How is it like to feel contractions?

    Labor contractions may cause dull or heavy aches accordingly in your lower back including, the lower abdomen with a weighted pelvis. Labor contractions mostly migrate like a wave in the lower abdomen leaving it numb with pain.
  • How do I know it is false labor?

    False labor contractions are usually abnormal and do not create a wave in the lower abdomen. However, on the other side, True labor contractions are regular and create a wave in the lower abdomen or are synchronized at times.

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