How To Get Rid Of Pimple This Summer

Summer season when you are all ready for the sunny vibes & beachy vacations the last thing you want at this time would be the stubborn red dot on your face, Acne! Unfortunately when the temperature rises outside the body’s temperatures also get imbalanced resulting in popping out of these little to huge red dots.
How much we avoid it, pimples do pop out more often during the summers.
But here in this blog, we bring forward to you a few dos and don’ts to avoid pimples this summer.

Before diving in more deep let’s first understand,

Why does Pimple Break Out More During Summer?

Even if you have been fighting those little bumps for a long time, you must have noticed they get extra active and charged up during the summer season & appear more frequently on your skin like some uninvited guest.
There is a lot of chemical connection involved in this frequent appearance, The sun is not the only one to be blamed. When the temperatures are rising it doesn’t stop us from applying those creamy sunscreens & lotion resulting in a significant increase in the amount of sweat secretion which when mixed with all the dirt, oil & pollution gives birth to enormous sweat pimples.
With the rising temperature & increased sweating application of heavy creamy-based sunscreens & lotions only worsens the situation for breakouts. The very start or the root cause of any pimple is clogging of the pores be it forehead acne, sweat pimple, or anything else, so the prime focus should be to avoid it to get rid of those bumps on the forehead or face.

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Treating Those Forehead & Facial Bumps

We are all aware of the endless range of products hovering over the shelves claiming to treat the acne once & for all. But Sadly there has not been an over-the-counter solution that works for your acne!

Well, all of it depends on the type & condition of your acne, as in what will work & what will not work for you. Below are a few general recommendations given by dermatologists all over the world.

Use Of Foam Based Cleanser

Cleanser choice highly depends on the type of your skin, but generally, dermatologists recommend using foam-based or light-based cleanser during the summer months to avoid extra clogging of pores. Heavy cream or milk-based cleansers are often a good choice for the winter season when your skin always needs the extra bit of hydration & moisturization. It is always advisable to choose your cleanser or any other products after a visit to your dermatologist rather than random selection on the internet.

Use Light Or Water Based Lotions & Creams

Having dry skin can be a real-time challenge during the summer months more than in winters. During winters it is ok for us to apply those heavy lotions & creams to combat the dryness. But dryness due to the rising temperatures can be challenging, it is advisable to use water-based sunscreen & light moisturizers to avoid extra clogging of the pores leading to bumps on the forehead & pimples.

Keep It Clean Always – Remove All The Dirt & Sweat

During summer no one wants to be a dirty & smelly mess all day so it is advisable to bathe at least two times on these hot days and also wash your face two times in a day, in the
morning & before going to bed at night. It is always good to carry wet wipes & facial mist if possible to clean the dirt as and when it settles all over you.

Resist The Irresistible

It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched hundreds of hours of pimple extraction videos. To preserve your skin, take a hands-off approach when those blemishes pop up. All of that squeezing and digging can lead to more inflammation, scars, or infection.
You might also feel the urge to perform a little bathroom surgery to extract all of those blemishes. Wait, do not do that because in the temptation of achieving clear skin you might end up scarring it up. Popping those blemishes generally leads to pigmentary alteration where you end up with lighter & darker areas.

Be Patient – Both With Acne & Its Products

When you are fighting against acne something so stubborn never forget to put patience in your defense equation. Give at least three months to any product to show its results if followed religiously. Treating those little bumps can be a process as slow as watching the grass grow, just like it grows taller with each passing day but is only visible once there is a noticeable difference in the height.

Avoid Those UV Rays

How much so you would love to tan on the skin but avoid direct exposure to the sun while dealing with pimples as it is not the root cause of those arising bumps but can be a troublemaker in its treatment.

Lastly, to conclude, do not try each & every product claiming to clear your skin & get rid of all the bumps without consulting any dermatologist. It is wise to take a seasonal approach to your beauty & skincare routine, cleanse more often, and stay hydrated are a few of the ways to keep your skin clear and radiant throughout the year.

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