How Covid 19 Is Changing The Beauty World

Covid -19 has affected each & every spec of the world not leaving behind the beauty world, Although Covid -19 hasn’t been a positive change primarily how the beauty world is responding to the coronavirus is remarkable, it changed the beauty world for the good. There has been a change in the usage and consumption pattern of the customers since the pandemic. The prime focus of the purchase has shifted from the look & feel to safety & hygiene first. The beauty world pivoted very quickly to its digitization in the starting months of Covid 19 spread, when the sales saw a major hit. For the beauty world where social media is a major market force, this was the only option to be aligned with the arising situations.

It’s Not Always About Glitz & Glam

The tinted makeup & perfume industry saw a major dip during the early stages of the pandemic, as people didn’t feel the need to apply makeup or perfume as they saw no need to step out of their homes. Even in any case you cannot step out without a mask and gloves on so putting makeup was technically out of question people were more concerned about their safety & hygiene.

With time the pandemic evolved and the culture of remote working or working from home cropped in which again pushed the sales up of the makeup & perfumes due to a high time spent on video calls and meetings. The building stress & imbalance arising due to this cultural shift moved consumers’ attention to homely scents & fragrances consequently raising the sales of the perfume industry upwards.

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The Buzz Around Hygiene

With the onset of the Pandemic, there was an insatiable rise in the demand for hygiene-focused products and personal care products.
Hand sanitizers flew off the shelves of the shops even before arriving as it was then considered the essential Covid-19 safety items. Along with this sales of body wash, shower gels, soaps, toothpaste, facewash & mouthwashes also soared high as the need to maintain good personal hygiene & extra cleanliness was the demand of the hour with the viral transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
Moreover, few brands like Colgate have shifted to putting on some scientific efforts to see how certain ingredients like Zinc in their toothpaste & mouthwashes can help fight the transmission of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

The Safety Protocol- scrutiny of formulations & packaging

With the rising numbers of virus transmission, the questions around safety fear also rose there was an evident change in how the beauty world responded to these raising questions.
The ingredients list was more closely examined by the consumers which were earlier omitted.
Consumers now preferred sanitary beauty products along with safe packaging.
Experts predicted that the natural sector in the beauty world could see a low spike in their sales as consumers would prefer preservatives if they could guarantee safety.

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After days and months of sitting at home amidst the lockdown, people went from hustle to comfort with the DIYs of almost every beauty product or treatment be it spas, facials, or any other personal grooming procedure.
During the pandemic products like at-home hair dye kits, self facial kits, and Epilators saw a surge in the sales of each. Even after the upliftment of the pandemic many consumers continued to chop, color & treat their hair at home as it is found to be a more economical bot in terms of money & time.

Self Care Gained Prominence

The Covid-19 spread changed the whole consumption mindset of the consumers’ self-care which was earlier considered an unnecessary splurge of money suddenly changed into & an investment in their well-being as the pandemic left many people with health woes. Consumers started finding escape in the beauty world to bring joy into their lives with self-pampering & care.

The Digitisation Of The Beauty World

From the very start of the pandemic, there is a constant shift seen in the consumers’ behavior that is – beauty consumers moving online. Initially, the online shift was forced due to nationwide closures of shops, warehouses, and airports everything was standstill from inventory to delivery.
But now the compulsion is turned more into a habit & a matter of comfort.
With this changing wave, brands have placed digitization in the brick and mortar of their plans of expansion. Brands are now striving hard to give consumers a 3D experience of testing a few beauty products just with a few clicks on their phones in the comfort of their homes.
Which can be a big game-changer, the Covid -19 spread has made the strengths of digitization more clear to the beauty world.

The Shift From Sparkling To Sensible Skin – Natural & Healthy Skin An Emerging Priority

Since the onset of the pandemic consumers has been more careful about their skin health. The extra time available at home and more investments in self-care has moved the spotlight from clear skin to maintaining a natural and healthy skin.
Due to this evolving change the sales of the derma category & products claiming rejuvenation & rebuilding of skin saw a spike in their numbers.
Within this wave Hand care products also saw a sudden surge to combat the effects of endless sanitizing & washing of hands.

Self-care, safety & hygiene are the new prime focus in the beauty world and would remain to stay so as consumers have adjusted to the new normal, where the fear of getting hold of the virus remains due to which more specific personalized self-care routines are to be maintained. For more COVID-related information visit the health script.

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