How to relieve menstrual cramps? Relief Exercise, Reasons, Remedy

Heating pad

The heating pad is the first of many home treatments as it performs well in relaxing the muscle lining, with augmented blood flow subduing the abdomen cramps states JoAnn V. Pinkerton, (MD at the University of Virginia Health, also a professor of obstetrics and gynecology).

Also, women who use a steaming pad on their lower abdomen tend to get lesser cramps than women who do not use it. Use it for several hours on and off a day to subdue the pain. You can also drink lukewarm water for similar results. Besides, you can use heat differently, take a hot shower, the hot water-soaked cloth could benefit the same way.

Minimize stress to get relieve from menstrual pain

Stress can make matters worse mentally as well as physically. Several women experience that when they are under stress the cramp worsens as it is scientifically believed that when you are sad or anxious, your body secretes cortisol (a hormone) which stiffs the muscles and so the cramps. 

Mediate and try to be mindful, sit in a peaceful place, and most importantly, take a quality nap as it calms you down without doing anything. 

Menstrual Pain Relief Exercise 

A simple walk could do. Exercising promotes blood circulation which begins softening the cramped area, often near the lower back and abdomen. Also, sometimes, if the blood is not circulating properly or stuck in the uterine vein, the veins are at high risk of getting chronically swollen and can cause pain.

Gentle exercises may help including, walking, swimmings, and cycling. Yoga is the best substitute if not exercising. Walking for half an hour would work as a miracle to your deadly cramps. However, do it to a limit, if your body is allowing it.

Snack healthily  

Foods play an important role for the human body as it has the potential to save you from deadly diseases by improving immunity and, may treat plenty of conditions by just consuming the right food with the right amount.

Ginger and zinc are the two food/herbs that work as pain killers for abdomen period cramps.

Drink water

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Water is propitious for legit everything. Weight loss? Water. Clear acne-free skin? Water. Detox? Water. If you are hydrated, you are free from half the conditions. However, dehydration may assist the muscles to ache more. 

In addition, drinking lukewarm water may help you with the cramps caused by periods or in general.


Receiving a massage unwinds the muscles, leaving them to soothe without any contractions. Having a lower abdomen or lower back massage a sit promotes better relaxation for a period cramp.

When to see a doctor?

Strictly see a doctor if you have tried everything in your hand to relieve the cramp, but nothing is working, and you are having excessive pain.

The pain is coming in between your daily chores, and you are not able to work or do anything without a pain killer. However, do not ever consume any medicine without p\rescription from your doctor whatsoever.

If you have further symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, severe pelvic ache, dizziness, and vomiting due to the monthlies, you should not think twice and consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Cramps are as natural as periods so, do not worry much about them. The above-mentioned home treatments are highly effective and may assist you in pain-free menses. However, if you are not able to hold the pain, immediately consult a doctor as the menstrual cycle may have its own complexities and could wreck the human body irreplaceably.


FAQs for Menstrual Pain

  1. What is the rapid treatment for menstrual cramps?

    Heat pad and drinking lots of water would be the ultimate treatments for alleviating menstrual cramps. Yoga also works perfectly with dealing with cramps in general.

  2. Why we must not drink coffee/caffeine during menstruation?

    Gigantic caffeine consumption may intensify the ache and can cause tenderness around the abdomen and breast areas. So, strictly cut the caffeine intake as much as you can during your periods.

  3. Why is my menses blood black in color?

    Black blood usually comes at the end of the period. The black-colored blood is often old blood that got oxidized, as the vagina has a natural tendency to bleach or oxidize the blood. When you are not bleeding heavily the vagina bleaches the left of the blood and makes it black. Do not worry about it till it is causing any condition or aching while coming out.

  4. Do periods get worsen while aging?

    Periods differ from one person to another as every human body is different and has a diverse quantity of hormones. Some women after 40 face heavier and more unpleasant periods while aging. Sometimes It is due to menopause, and sometimes it may be caused due to some underlying health concern. Always listen to what your body wants to imply.

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