Heart Inflammation Risk after COVID-19 Vaccine is real or not?

The two years of the pandemic have been an experience of a lifetime. Covid -19 outbreak was a very difficult phase that passed by with the constant efforts of our doctors and health warriors but there are few side effects of this virus that people are still dealing with today.
The one we are talking about is the risk of heart inflammation after the vaccine also known as covid myocarditis, a condition which is caused by viral infections in the heart muscles. It can turn fatal if detected late. The prime symptom of this condition is shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing very similar to Covid, which is in itself getting missed.
Myocarditis is nothing but the weakening of heart muscles due to the viral attacks which makes it difficult to pump blood to the body which leads to cardiac arrest or organ failure and ultimately to death if detected late.

Around 2-3% of the people infected by Covid have a risk of heart inflammation, it has overlapping symptoms with covid which is making it all the more difficult to detect the condition. It is advised to go through an ECG test immediately if suffering from breathlessness for more than 1-2 days.

Heart inflammation is one of the most dangerous outcomes after testing positive for covid, doctors over the world are reporting that numerous patients have first tested positive for Covid and later developed myocarditis due to the virus, which requires fluid extraction from the heart muscles to save the life of the patients.

Heart inflammation is the lesser-known impact of covid due to which it is neglected, which may lead to hypertension, urine drop, the low blood supply to the organs, and hamper the functioning of brain, kidney & liver, sometimes it can also affect the functioning of lungs, if not treated at the earliest.

Many cases in these last two years have reported patients suffering a cardiac arrest after the initial recovery from the virus infection. This situation can arise with any person irrespective of the age, health, and symptoms shown. So yes heart inflammation risk after covid is real and cannot be neglected.

For How Long does Heart Diseases Risk Remains After Covid?

People usually suffer from heart diseases like – abnormal heart rate, inflammation of heart muscles, and high blood pressure after a long covid infection.
The World Health Organisation has stated that studies are still on to understand how long can covid affect different parts and organs of our body, but yes the risks & side effects of long covid infections are real and are going to be a part of the future.

Can Young Children Be At A Risk Of Heart Diseases?

Incidents have shown that the risk of developing heart disease is very low in the case of kids, but nothing is factually ruled out so even though it is a rare situation to occur it can lead to devastating consequences.

The heart diseases that children can get are myocarditis which is common overall, but specifically, children are found to be the prey of vascular thrombosis, a condition which is not that common, it arises when a blood clot in the veins hinders the flow of blood from different parts of the body to heart which leads to serious pulmonary consequences.

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Heart Damage Caused By Covid Is Permanent?

Doctors suggest that recovery from damage caused due to covid infection generally depends on the severity of injury caused due to the infection. But still, heart imaging can show minor changes in the structure of heart muscles, and the rate of blood pumping, but how long these minor changes and scarring persists and how long they affect the heart health is still not known. Experts are still developing protocols and precautions to be followed if the risk of heart disease is detected after being tested positive for covid

How To Take Care Of Your Heart After Covid?

Doctors suggest that after recovery from covid initially, patients should avoid heavy and strenuous exercises like weight lifting, pull-ups, and core exercises. One should start with normal breathing exercises, brisk walking, and jogging and gradually get back to their normal exercise routine. Doctors also suggest eating heart-healthy food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-dairy products, nuts, and unsaturated vegetable oil.
While taking precautions and care of the lifestyle & food after covid it is equally important to be vaccinated as studies have shown that many have recovered from the post covid effects after both the jabs

Lastly, the fear of heart problems being triggered after covid is real and should not be ignored at any cost. If symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid palpitation, or heartbeat any of these are felt you should contact your doctor immediately and not wait for symptoms to subside on their own as this can lead to serious consequences.

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