Food That You Do Not Take While Travelling

Travelling is always about exploring and experiencing the culture, place & food of a particular destination. Travelling is often about adventure but there are a few things that need to be taken care of while traveling related to packing, food, and stay. Those who travel frequently will agree to the fact that the main venture of traveling for 90 percent of the travelers is giving a treat to their taste buds with a unique set of flavors.
While traveling we come across different cuisines and types of dishes waiting to tempt us with their smell, appearances, and taste. It is for us to be aware of what we are to eat and what not to eat.
It is always best to get a checkup done before any international trip because the last thing anyone would want is medical discrepancies cropping up at the time of the journey. So always consult your doctor/dietitians and have a go-to list of what you can and cannot eat during the journey.

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Let’s check out the list below mentioning What To Eat & What Not To Eat While Travelling,

Foods To Be Preferred While Travelling


Drinking an optimal amount of water plays a very significant role in increasing the metabolism of the body, so it is advisable to have enough water, especially while traveling so that all the junk fed into the system gets digested and digestive problems are not faced while you are out. It is also important to keep electrolytes with oneself while traveling to places having high temperatures like the dunes of Dubai.


How much do you hate it? It is very important to stay up and active while traveling, if your energy levels are low even if you go to the most beautiful places in the world you may not enjoy the moment to the fullest. So it is a very good habit to pick up, to taste the local fruits of the place you are traveling to or the seasonal fruit. It gives you the needed dose of minerals required to keep you up and running at all times.

Make The Correct Beverage Choice

Beverages are meant to give a dose of refreshment and energy as and when required while traveling. So it is advisable to choose the beverage according to the temperature of the place and your body. Always try to choose the fresh mocktails or freshly prepared tea if you are an Indian catholic person, because having beverages prepared hours before can give rise to nausea or gastric problems and you wouldn’t want that while traveling.

Healthy Snacks

Choose to go healthy while choosing those appetizers, starters, and mid-day snacks to keep a balance between taste, health, and energy while traveling. Try To Choose Fresh Veggies between those sandwiches and also try to go a little color while choosing the bread instead of plain white ones! Cheese Can be a Healthy Choice too, till it is in limited quantity and in the right variety. Those who have a bent toward fried snacks try to eat them freshly fried rather than eating the pre-fried ones.

Now Let’s Talk about the list of foods to avoid while traveling

Say No To These Food Items While On Wheels!

Be Less Adventurous While Choosing Meats

While you are traveling internationally the variety of meat available at your disposal is much
so it is very important to be cautious of your body while choosing the type of meat.
Red Meat like fish and chicken are digestible and light but avoid meats like dog meat, and bat meat because you don’t know what reaction it will cause in your body. Also, make sure that the meat is fresh and not stale, and refrigerated for long hours.

Loading Up At The Buffets

In buffets the common mistake that happens is we end up overeating. We understand those tempting spreads are too difficult to resist but it is always a good practice to have self-control. Overeating leads to indigestion. Instead of eating everything at once, it is best to let your taste best relish every ounce of flavor from a dish rather than have an overmix of flavors.

Control The Road Side Food

We understand street food is heaven for some travelers but let’s not forget the hygiene factor associated with it. I would personally prefer to compromise on taste than on hygiene especially while traveling. Similarly, I feel while traveling you wouldn’t want to end up with diseases like jaundice or typhoid. So please have control over street food consumption when out.

Lastly, we can’t deny the fact that traveling is about food, fun, and experience. Some travelers like to plan their whole itinerary of the trip, basing it on what food they will have, at what place, and at what time, it is quite normal to do so. But simultaneously it is also important to take care of your health especially when you are in foreign lands not having all the amenities always at your disposal. So it is very important to keep a constant check on what food are you having because the last thing you will want is to get ill on a trip.

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