Don’t Forget These Medical Tests While You Turn 50

A brilliant prospect on turning 50 is that it might feel like an achievement and celebration of time spent and, for some, it may be hard to accept. Aging may anticipate that it is the time to create some additional strategies for living life with a healthy lifestyle as well as surroundings.

You may want to leave your thoughts and concerns behind and would want to live a peaceful life with no such distress. However, to keep that kind of urge, you need to start building a life for yourself. 

A person aged 50 can have an equally healthy body as an adult if they would take some preventive measures such as some kinds of medical tests. Preventative medical tests are a group of health care examinations that have the potential to discover ingrown symptoms of diseases and deficiencies. 

Routine check-ups in your 50s are crucial as they may betoken the status of your body. The immediate alert can evade additional damage to the body.

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Diabetes Tests

You’re likely to have severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as you grow old. The risk of hypoglycemia intensifies with age as you tend to consume medications for some of the other medical conditions, which can also cause hypoglycemia. The medicines may stay longer than required in the body, letting the blood sugar drop significantly.

An average woman enters menopause at about 48-51 years. When a diabetic in her 50 beings to manopause, then the estrogen levels are already going down in her body. However, if not treated or diagnosed early may have further health risks. Middle-aged/older adults are at the much highest risk.

So, it is advised to get your diabetes test done by the time you turn 50 or older. The complications of diabetes may increase if left untreated and undiagnosed.

CBC Test

Complete blood count (CBC) is the evaluation and circulation of the red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets (PLTs) in the blood. It is a mere blood test but can discover n number of conditions by evaluating overall health. The conditions like anemia, leukemia and other deadly infections are detected simply with the mere blood test.

This test is extremely important for women as one out of three women are anemic. Women lose a lot of blood through menstruation and pregnancy in their lifetime.

CA 19-9 Test

CA 19-9 is a kind of tumor component. The idea of getting a CA 19-9 test done is to estimate the measure of CA 19-9 in the blood running. As you age the complications may also grow a little taller but having said that everything can be restricted to a healthy level where there are no such severe life-threatening risks involved. As the higher amount of this component in blood tissues may cause cancer or some serious conditions around the age 50 or above especially. 

Testing CA 19-9 may help in diagnosing cancer, cancer treatment, cancer forecast and, cancer recurrence.

Rheumatoid Factor

The rheumatoid factor is to detect the presence of RF in your blood. Positive results of the RF test can mean health infirmity simply.

In addition, if a healthcare professional is recommending a rheumatoid factor test, then the patient might be experiencing inflammatory pain in multiple joints that are not caused by injuries. Also, the Rheumatoid factor test may uncover the severity of rheumatoid arthritis. It is classified as one of the most important tests for people above 45. 

Renal Function Test 

The idea of a renal panel test is to discover the likely kidney diseases. 

 A renal function test may be conducted if the specialist recognizes the symptoms are due to some condition affecting the kidneys or can affect the kidneys soon. Once the symptoms are there, the screening is to be done to report the issue at the earliest stage possible.

People just turned 50 or older must be regular with the test as, if not diagnosed in time has the potential to damage the kidneys to an irreversible extent.

Uric Acid Test

The purpose of having the uric acid test done is to detect levels of uric acid in the blood to diagnose the basis behind kidney stones or to observe people with gouty arthritis. When you have joint pain, which is common after age, it may be due to gouty arthritis if not due to any other condition. Excess uric acid can be stored in the kidney, which may cause serious complications, such as kidney stones and kidney failures.

The Bottom Line

Keeping a check on your health as soon as you turn 50 is a must. These tests should be in your routine screening as if not diagnosed on time has serious repercussions and may turn into life-threatening diseases. With little prevention, serious health issues can be delayed, or even better can be avoided.


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