Once you are fully vaccinated, you may think that you are good to go for a long period but, it is not necessarily the situation with everybody.

Everybody is different and responds differently to vaccines, not every human body accepts the vaccines or, for some, the vaccine could be mild and may not give that sort of protection against the virus and its variants. However, for some the protection wears off over time.

Viruses mutate, making the vaccine less effective for people with underlying problems. For these people, it is suggested to get a third dose of vaccine consulting a healthcare provider. The extra dose of a vaccine is said to be a booster shot. The booster shots are to help people improve their immunity as well as to provide more protection against covid-19.

Adar Poonawalla (CEO, SII) states that there will be enough doses available of a booster shot for the vulnerable elderly and those who need it. For the healthy population, it may take a year or so to even consider a booster dose.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) contradicts the widespread of booster shots, as it advises the rich countries to give the extra doses to underdeveloped low vaccinated countries.

Reasons for getting a Booster shot

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When healthy people do not respond well to the first two doses, it is required to receive a third dose to get the sort of protection needed against covid-19 and its variants. Currently, there are not many people that did not respond to the doses well.

If you feel that the immunity you got post-vaccination starts to fade off, or starts to deteriorate over time. It might be one of the reasons why people are considering booster shots.

Next, People might see a need to get the third dose due to the performance of the vaccines. The vaccine that you get could be ineffective in shielding from some of the variants. It may insist on getting the third dose of vaccine that is a booster shot.

Who are eligible to get a COVID-19 booster shot

Eligibility may vary with the conditions but, some of the common cases are stated following –

  • Elderly above 50.
  • Frontline workers
  • People who have serious health conditions are suggested to get a booster shot
  • People who did not respond well to the first two doses due to medical or any other reasons

Risks of getting a booster shot

Side effects are common as we do not have long-term data with us right now. Avoid booster shots if you are doing well with the initial vaccine and are still well-protected.

Prevailing booster shots may not work well against likely variants. Waiting for a booster shot may help you with a stronger immune response.

The most prevalent symptoms for the booster shot include:

  • Fatigue and,
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Nausea

However, it is believed that the symptoms of booster shots are quite similar to the initial doses of the vaccine.

Booster shot and an additional dose

A booster shot is for the people who are fully vaccinated and the protection has deteriorated over time. besides, you need to wait for the right time to get jabbed again as it would help in building immunity better.

Additional doses are offered to people with a compromised immune system and may administer as soon as 28 days after the second dose.

An additional dose would be the same dose of the vaccine yet again whereas, booster shots are less harsh in volume.

Can Booster shots help decrease COVID-19 risks?

There was a huge number of cases before. Vaccinations came as a boon for those suffering. However, nobody knows what the future holds for us, or what the pandemic may turn into after a few months, booster shots are simply the only visible way to cut down the risks of severe illness, hospitalization, or death.

If people around us get immunized and follow protocols over time, there would be a possibility of decreased Covid-19 risks.

The Bottom Line

The Delta variant has dramatically risen unvaccinated people to be hospitalized or even death. However, breakthrough infections are as well present so, one should always be aware of the potential threats and how to deal with them.

Obtaining the highest immunization worldwide is the prime focus, for now, booster shots could be kicked more into use in the future to assure that the variants do not affect people, and the efficacy of the vaccine is maintained. However, even with booster shots, not everybody could need or benefit from them.

In addition, booster shots have the same intention as vaccines – to protect people from the pandemic and help people with compromised immunity.

Confer to your healthcare provider before going for anything!


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