Body Positive Weight Management

Body Positivity is a social cause that involves accepting ourselves irrespective of the shape, size, color, skin tone, and physical abilities while challenging present-day beauty standards as an undesirable social agenda.
The body positivity movement has become quite prominent in recent years. Everywhere is media, and social campaigns all over the internet there is a thing for accepting ourselves how we are and encouraging self-esteem. It is now considered fine to dislike the stereotypical beauty standards of fair, skinny, and handsome.
And while almost everyone stands by the fact that the mantra to happiness is accepting yourself completely, appearance does not matter so much once you accept something fully.
But it is ironic at the same time to have a full-time diet regime to get fit your waist in some particular pants. To feel happy & content you should try having small term goals like a workout plan and should try to achieve those as it arouses a feeling of success within which helps in a positive mindset up.

You can have questions like — is it possible for the desire to lose weight & the desire for body acceptance to coexist? Yes, that is where body-positive weight management comes into existence and it may help with weight loss!

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Desired Body Shape & Loving Your Body

Most of us have felt negative thinking about your oozing fat and weight. All of us have felt times when we start feeling useless and timid because of having bodyweight differing from a certain desired one. Research has shown negative thoughts and overthinking lead to disturbance in the eating and sleep pattern contributing to the increase in one’s weight.

Thus when we are positive about life in general we tend to be healthy overall. Positivity within helps us make better food choices and be more active & energetic physically. So it is very important to have a positive body image relationship while on a weight loss journey as the more positive we are the better weight management we do.

Love Your Body While Trying To Shed Those Extra Calories

Some key ways to practice body positivity while you’re trying to lose weight include: buying clothes that fit your current body measurements indulging yourself in activities that make you happy and increase your physical load too like cooking, cycling, walking anything

Achieving the weight-loss goals you’ve set for yourself is entirely possible, and maintaining a positive frame of mind is a step in the right direction!

Body Positivity Is Different From Fat Acceptance

Often used or perceived interchangeably Body Positivity & Fat Acceptance are two different terms. Body positivity is about accepting oneself fully instead of trying to be aligned with the stereotypical beauty standards that urge to be of a certain weight and have a certain skin tone, figure, look, etc, whereas Fat Acceptance is the movement of accepting people having plus size or who are obese or “healthy”. Body Positivity is of the say that fat-shaming or skinny shaming or body shaming of any kind should not be acceptable or encouraged whereas Fat Acceptance is all about don’ts of fat-shaming.

Social Media Influence

Social Media plays a vital role in the body positivity movement, In this era of social media almost all platforms like Facebook, and Instagram have tweaked their policies to include norms of body-positive policies that cause advertisements for cosmetic surgery, weight loss supplements, and detox products, to be hidden from under age demographics.
Nowadays there is a shift seen from using endless filters to appear as a certain type to less use of filters as people are accepting themselves more and are urging the audience to do so too.
For instance, In recent times we have started seeing advertisements showing the concept of why there is a need for women & girls to wax or shave their hair on hands or legs whereas for the man it is considered ok to have hair all over the body. Advertisements like these have raised a knocked on people’s minds, helping them to look at the whole situation from a different perspective. It is the result of thought-provoking advertisements like these that people have started accepting themselves more whole-heartedly instead of struggling with some baseless beauty standards.

Benefits Of Body Positivity.

When we list down the benefits of body positivity it is infinite as it one for its kind of subject, however, the common benefits observed are

  • Boosted Self Confidence
  • High Self Esteem
  • An Overall Healthy Body
  • Calmness & Peace Within Oneself.

For many decades, certain body types and sizes have been considered most acceptable by society. Traditionally, society has given acceptance, appreciation, and privilege to those who look like a particular type or befit the then considered beauty standards. Most often, this beauty standard requires being of a particular thinness, muscularity, or body shape.
The stereotypical standards of what is considered to be attractive or appropriate body type and size can be damaging for many people who do not fit these specific criteria. These expectations can lead to poor mental health, body dissatisfaction, and unhealthy human beings as a whole.

So what society accepts is not essential once we get ourselves the way we are and carry ourselves with confidence dignity and grace.

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